ImageFitter Younger offers the following services:

After School Clubs

As pupils are sitting for most of the day whilst at school, effectively adding to their sedentary lifestyle, it is ideal that they get the opportunity to take part in organised physical activity classes when their school day is over. These Clubs are non-sport specific and cover a wide range of the fundamental aspects that physical activity can provide, including agility, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and body weight training. These are all achieved through fun activities that will help show that being physically active can be an enjoyable experience.

Fitter Younger will provide promotional material to assist with getting the information to pupils and helping to encourage them to take part in our Fitness classes. We also provide each child that takes partin our classes with an exercise diary. This encourages each child to be physically active for at least one hour per day. Recording their activities creates the habit of being active.

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Sports Specific Training

Sports Specific training is aimed at those Children and Adolescents that are already involved in sports. These sessions provide the sports participants with a different type of training from what they might be used to. Expert coaches will focus on various aspects of what it takes to excel at sports performance including flexibility, mobility, strength and agility.

These sessions can be incorporated into your season. We can arrange to visit your facilities and set up these sessions with an individual team. As a lot of the exercises involve a precise technique, the number of participants are limited as to allow for observation of those involved and ensure they are performing each exercise and drill correctly.

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